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Turbo Power U.L.V Sprayer

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User's Manual

  1. 1. Connect the injection hose connected to chemical tank and the remnant water hose to the pump
  2. 2. Mix water and inset killer liquid in the chemical tank and prepare for the spray
  3. 3. Inject fuel to the engine.(only gasoline)
  4. 4. Start the engine using start otor key.
  5. 5. If you want to operate U.L.V, turn the sprayer power on in the control box and then press the on swith, the valve that opens the pump will be started ans U.L.V spray will be on. of you want to adjest the spray amount, ypu can adjust it with conrol calve located beside the Pump on, off valve
  6. If you want gun spray, operate the valve of the spray gun, As the spry can adjust pressure automatically, you need not adjust the pressure additionally.
  7. Every time checking the lubrication oil in the engine and spray pump


Specification size : L100 x W600 x H 1,100
spray Nozzle : 4 nozzle spry hole with spray gunl
Moving caster
Control box
Spray Hole 180˚ Revolve(left and right)
up an down 45˚ move
Spray System Automatic on and off
Engine Air cooling system 4 cycle gasoline engine
Start motor recoil start 2 system
Nomal horse power 5.5HP, 1800 RPM
Max horse power 7.5HP, 2,000 RPM
Fuel consamption nomal 2.2L/H max X 2.3L/H
Proper voltage : DC 12V
Air blower Revolutions : 3,600RPM
Dischage capacity : 30㎥/min
Nomal horse power 835HP, 1800 RPM Pressure : 380kg/㎠
Sprayer Automatic pressure system 50A
Pressure : 30~50kg/㎠
Discharge capacity : nomal 42 ℓ /min, max 66 ℓ /min
Revolutions : 700 ~ 1,200 RPM