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Portable Thermal Fogger

Product Detail Information

Products Features

  1. Double purposes for smoke & fog
  2. Newly-made handy product
  3. Available for automatic
  4. Lightness from special material
  5. Burning pipe made out of special stainless alloy exels in resisting against heat and erosion
  6. Out own making engine excels in power
  7. Newly developed our machine proved ultra-particle state through pouting particle size of 10~50micron(M)

Usage & Purpose


  1. Chemical tank ....... Water + Spouter + Chemical(ratio 100 : 20 : 1)
  2. Fuel tank .........Gasolin
  3. Prevent rice, wheat, vegetables, orchard, green house, cotton, sugar cane, etc from damage by bright and vermin, nourishment for trees and plants such as tea plant.


  1. Chemical tank ..... Disel + Chemicals(standard ratio 50 :1 Changable for chemicals kind)
  2. Fuel tank ...... Gasolin
  3. Prevent epidemics, exterminate vermin, sterilize cattle shed and vermin's habital.

Read the operation menhod & caution clause before handing. Make schedule of working to be finished in short time. Operate fogging for sterilization outdoors when wind is calm.

Caution clause

  • No injection of fuel or chemical during the operation or heating condition.
  • Necessarily take mask when you fog the toxic drug.
  • To be used in the low presure before & after sunset for outdoor spray.
  • When you fog the toxic chemical indoors, you can enter only after going down of fioationg gas & ventilation
  • Only one who fully learned the operation method & safty clause can handle this device
  • To be charged of storage battery frequently.
  • To be repaired by A/S center or technicianfor this device when someting is wrong.

  1. 1. Fill the fuel tank with gasoline to the 80% of its capacity
  2. 2. fill the chemical tank with only needed amount of chemical(diesel+chemical at the rate of the rule)to the 80% (about 6L) of its capacoty
  3. Press start switch for 2 or 3 seconds. (When the engine makes sound and fuel goes up from fuel tank to the fuel nozzle, the power comes on)
  4. In case of not working, push the air pin on the fuel tank cap, and press the start switch for several times to remove the over fuel. then close the air pin, and press the start switch again.
  5. After preheating 10 seconds open the chemical cock and chemical control valve, Then it starts spouting the fog.
  6. After use, close the chemical cock first, and make sure that no chemical comes out. Air button push and the engine stop.
  7. After the machine is turned off open the chemical tank cap to remove the air
    ※ if the engine stop on the during spray.
    • it's make fire at the spray pipe.
    • Close the chemical valve.
    • Push the start switch → engine working
    • put out the fire.


Power Of Operating 18.9kw / 25.7hp / 16,500 kcal/H
Length 1,200mm
Width 325mm
Height 365mm
Weight 8.5kg
Proper Voltage DC6V
Chemical tank capcacity 7ℓ
Fuel tank capacity 1.5ℓ
Fuel consumption 1.5ℓ/H
Spouting Chemical quantity 20ℓ/H(Max60ℓ/H)
Colling system air-cooled
Pouting Particle Size 5~30 mic