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Motor Cycle Disinfection System

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  1. It's posible only oneself control all system
  2. It's can go to the alley for the disinfection by the front and rear gear system
  3. Spray, mist,smoke all possible

Use's Manual


  1. Start swith position to on → push the start switch → start
  2. Motor cycle has a manual trans mission → low speed, middle speed, high speed and rear move system.
  3. Assistance brake system - brake pedal push down - oil press valve pull the hander.
  4. It is need of training for ride on a three wheels motor cycle. Becouse the three wheels motor cycle is different the blance feel with the two wheels motor cycle.


  1. Power system
    • stat motor and recoil start system
    • The fuel is only gasoline
    • This machine has rechargable battery - start switch starting.
    • Long time no use - separate the battery join line.
    • Must be check the engine lube oil.
  2. Sprayer
    • Automatic control the pressure.
    • the pressure blance at 35 - 40 pressure power
    • Must be checking the pressure cylinder grease and lube oil.
  3. Back side spray system opertion
    • control box power on - spray button on - Automatic On , Off valve working - Spray nozzle control alve control.
  4. Spray gun operation
    • The Valve open at the sprayer - Spray gun lever open
  5. Be careful don't closeing the chemical tank cap air in take hole


  • Chemical tank : Chemiicl + diesel or water at the rate of rule - 80% of the tank capacity
  • Fuel tank : Each tank 80% gasoling of the tank capacity
  • Operate : the control box start switch push until starting the engine - chemical open swich on - spraying
  • stop : Chemical open switch off - stop the sprying the air valve push on the fuel tank cap -enging stop chemical tank cap open - air presure take out.


  • Spray system - Cleaning the chemical tank, sprayer, Hose, Spray Nozzle
  • Fog, mist - Empty the chemical tank and fuel tank. Long time keeping fuel is no working
  • Battery - Keeping with the full charge and sperate with the connection line


Motor Cycle ECONOMIC110(110CC)
fuel consumption Rate 1ℓ/H/30km,3Wheel, Front and Rear gear system,Assistance braking system 100% safety
LengthSpray system Engin key and Recoil start Common 5.5HP 1,800RPM Maximum 7.5HP, 2,000RPM
sprayer 80A auto matic control the pressure pressare 30~80kg/㎠ RPM 800~1,200 Engin power 5HP~7HP
spray system the ground spray system syray gun
Chemical tank capacity 100ℓ stainless steel tank
Smoke Mist Equipment Power of operating 18.9kw/25.7hp/16.500kcal/h 2units
Proper voltage DC 12V,(chemical tank capacity:90 ℓ )
Fuel tank capacity 5ℓ X 2
Fuel consumption 1.5ℓ/H X 2
Spouting chemical quantity 20ℓ H(Max 60ℓ H)X2
Cooling system air cooled
Pouting portide size 5~30µ
Size (L):2,550 (W):1,100 (H): 1,300