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Fogging Machine(Auto) On the Car

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Double-barreled large type loaded on vehicle or ship is indispensable & best machine for health-care and sanitation. With splendid long-time technology, new quality & capacbility, kind service. IZ-FOG members consider after sale service as the first of all.

Read the operation menhod & caution clause before handing. Make schedule of working to be finished in short time.

Caution clause

  • No injection of fuel or chemical during the operation or heating condition.
  • Necessarily take mask when you fog the toxic drug.
  • To be used in the low presure before & after sunset for outdoor spray.
  • When you fog the toxic chemical indoors, you can enter only after going down of fioationg gas & ventilation
  • Only one who fully learned the operation method & safty clause can handle this device
  • To be repaired by A/S center or technicianfor this device when someting is wrong.

  • 1. Machine + chemical tank + control box join and control box electriclink at the car Cigar light jack.
  • 2. Fuel and Chemical fill at the tank not over 80% of the tank capacity.
  • 3.For the start the machine
    • Start the car engine
    • power swich on
    • Fuel switch on
    • Push the start switch → Working the engine
      ※ Push the start switch
      - no work the engine
      - Fuel switch off - Push the start switch few time
      - Burning inside the fuel after fuel switch on and push the start switch
    • working te engine - fuel switch off but the engine don't stop
    • Chemical switch on - spraying
  • 4. End the sprayting
    • Off the chemical switch
    • Stop the spraying after off the power switch
    • Remove the air of the chemical tank


Chemical tank capacity 150ℓ
Max. spouting quantity 200ℓ/H
Fuel tank capacity 7ℓ x 2
Fuel consumption 4ℓ/H
Spouting pipe 2ea
Pressure gage quantity 2kg
Cooling System air-Cooled
Length 1,620mm
Width 510mm
Height 380mm
Weight 43kg