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Automatic Spray System

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Efficacy of Automatic Spray System

  1. No need to move the spray pressuretake out lever
  2. Energy and chemical economize
  3. The Machine Wear Prevention
  4. High efficacy
  5. Two Spray gun
  6. Take the moving caster


Engine Horse power nomal 5.5HP 1,800RPM
max 7.5HP 2,000RPM
Fuel Gasoline
Fuel consumption 2.2 /H
Fuel Tank capacity 5.5
stating system Switch type, Rcoils start
Sprayer Type 80A
Rpm nomal 800RPM
max 1,200RPM

nomal 30kg/㎠
mal 80kg/ ㎠

Suction nomal 62/min
mal 98/min
Useing pawer nomal 5.0HP
mal 7.0HP